Ron Swanson Facts

Ron Swanson Facts

Personal Facts (what little we know)

Ron Swanson Facts - Personal

  • Grew up in a small Indiana town with a population of 600 people.
  • Has cried twice in his life: First when he was seven and was hit by a school bus. And then again at Lil’ Sebastian’s Funeral. (We have seen him cry / sob other times, but these are the only two occasions he’ll admit to.)
  • Only has 9 toes at the most.
  • Is believed to have only left southwestern Indiana once.
  • Had the same 1990’s reddish Buick since it was new.
  • Owns a home on the other side of “The Bulge” (Pawnee’s only gay bar).
  • Secretly loves puzzles, riddles, and scavenger hunts.

Pet Peeves

Ron Swanson does not like hugs

  • Surprises
  • Hugs / PDA
  • Awards
  • Liars
  • Skim milk
  • Healthy / organic food
  • Ethnic food
  • Veganism
  • Spiritualism
  • Communism
  • Socialism
  • Anything Un-American
  • Jean Ralphio
  • The Library
  • Councilman Jeremy Jam

Food and Alcohol

Ron Swanson serving himself some bacon

  • Favorite drink is Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch Whiskey.
  • His favorite restaurant in Pawnee is inside the Bowling Alley.
  • Other favorite restaurants are J.J.’s Diner and Mulligan’s.
  • After Mulligan’s, his next favorite steak house is St. Elmo’s.
  • Favorite food (in general) is breakfast food, followed by any other variation of bacon, or meat.
  • Once ate 51 eggs in one sitting, allowing his picture to be hung in the Hall of Fame in J.J.’s Diner.
  • JJ’s serves his favorite breakfast food “The Four Horsemeals of the Eggporkalypse.”
  • Has food named after him at one of the local food trucks. “The Swanson” is a bacon wrapped turkey leg.
  • Every day for the last twelve years, he has eaten a hamburger from the commissary for one of his lunches. 

The Tammys

Ron Swanson, his corn rows, and Tammy Two

  • Prefers dark-haired women.
  • Tammy One (his first wife) was the Candy Striper who helped deliver him. She was also his Sunday School teacher, elementary math teacher, baby sitter, and Drivers Ed Instructor.
  • Ron can’t smell, and often screams when he sneezes due to having a door slammed in his face by Tammy Two.
  • Once set his bed on fire. It is unclear whether he and/or Tammy Two were actually sleeping on it at the time.
  • Can sense Tammy Two’s presence.

Politics and Government

Ron Swanson looking miserable in his government job

  • Unapologetic Libertarian.
  • Prides himself on saving taxpayer money.
  • Turned down an offer to be Assistant City Manager.

Outdoors and Recreational Sports

Ron Swanson chopping some wood

  • Has been known for not only cast and fly fishing, but also goes noodling (fishing barehanded).
  • Only fishes for sport, since fish meat is practically a vegetable.
  • A big fan of WNBA basketball. admires strong female athletes like Steffi Graf and Cheryl Swoopes.
  • Once bowled a 300, but did it underhanded, and was too embarrassed to allow his name to be put up.
Craftsmanship: Wood, Metal, and Leather

Ron Swanson is a master chair caner

  • At age 9, ran the floor of a sheet metal factory as shop supervisor.
  • Made Ben & Leslie’s wedding rings from a melted down sconce in Ann’s house.
  • Has won an award for best chair at The Indiana Woodworking Ceremony. (the only award he appreciates)
  • Was featured in Bloosh magazine for his rocking chair.
  • Mark Brendanawicz was the first guest into Ron’s woodshop in a decade.
  • Built a crib for Ann and Chris.
  • Built his first chair at 9 years old.
  • Re-modeled the upper floor of City Hall all by himself.
Awards and Accolades

accepting the IOW Dorothy Everton Smythe Female Empowerment Award

  • Won the Dorothy Everton Smythe Female Empowerment Award for Woman of the Year in Indiana.
  • Has won an award for best chair at The Indiana Woodworking Ceremony. (the only award he appreciates)