Ep. 08: Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington: Brother(s)

Ron Swanson has mentioned having at least one brother, but for the first time someone is introduced to one of them (Don). In the background we see a couple other guys (Lon and Vaughn) shuffle off after Ron gives the signal to leave.

Ron Swanson:

“We build things. Come on let me show you around. This is a door, and these of course are walls. What else, what else. Ah meet our Vice President Don Swanson. Don this is Andrew and Benjamin.”

Ben Wyatt:

“Is this your brother? You have a brother?”

Ron Swanson:

“No. Fine, yes, suppose the cat’s out of the bag. I have a brother.”

(Ron waves two men on the other side of the room away from him)

“One brother.”

Andy Dywer:

“All those years together at the Parks Department you never told us you had a brother.”

Don Swanson:

“You worked at the Parks Department?”

Ron Swanson:

“Tour’s over!”