Ron Swanson on America

Ep. 04: The Boy’s Club: This is America

Ron Swanson is not happy with beuracracy in any form, so he tends to be a little hostile. Especially when he feels it is unjust.

Ron Swanson:

“No, it’s not. This is not communist China. You can not make her whip herself. You can not make her wear a hairshirt.”

Committee Member:

“We weren’t planning on doing either of those things.”

Ron Swanson:

“This is America. You wanna live in North Korea… (pointing at the committee member) you can live in North Korea. I don’t want to. I wanna live in America. Leslie has never broken a rule in her life to the point that it’s annoying. If you wanna slap her on the wrist go ahead. If you wanna do anything more serious you’re gonna have to go through me. Lets go.”