Extras: Canoeing with Ron Swanson Swanson

Canoeing with Ron Swanson

This was an extra from Season 4. You can see more pics of Ron’s canoeing adventures below the quotes.

Ron Swanson:

“Hello, my name is Ron Swanson. The producers of this TV show, without my consent, apparently filmed me while in a moment of private contemplation on a lake. ”

“Then they sent me this video file and asked me to quote ‘narrate it’. I don’t know, now I’m in slow motion. Excellent. Oh look a bird. Did you really need me to tell you that’s a bird? Here we have what is apparently a man in a canoe, he enjoys the breeze blowing old glory.”

“Look it’s my opinion when man is in nature, narration is not necessary. You’re in nature for god sake, just shut your damn mouth look around. Breathe and enjoy the bounties that Earth provides. ”

“What the hell is this music they’re playing, this is terrible. Oh, this is complete nonsense. I refuse to be a part of this. This is the end of my narration. Turn your damn TV off and go canoeing yourselves. Ron Swanson.”