Ep. 05: Gryzzlbox: Gryzzl Robot

Ron Swanson does not take too kindly to Gryzll’s latest care package, when it invades HIS family’s privacy.

Ron Swanson:

“We need to talk.”

Ben Wyatt:

“What is that?”

Ron Swanson:

“This is a flying robot I just shot out of the sky, after it delivered a package to my house.”

Ron Swanson:

“I thought you didn’t like to pass judgement on…”

(Ron interrupts her)

Ron Swanson:

“The package was addressed to my son — who is four years old, and does not own a Gryzll doodad. Some how the robots looked at Diane’s computer and learned something about my child and then brought him a box of presents, so I destroyed the robot.”

“No one is safe from these bastards. Tell me what to do Leslie. I wanna help you take ’em down.”