Ep. 06: Indianapolis: Mulligan’s Photo Album

Mulligan’s is the best steakhouse in the state, and Ron Swanson has taken a picture of every steak he’s ever eaten there. Take a walk down memory lane with him…

Ron Swanson:

“I couldn’t care less about the commendation, but Indianapolis is home to Charles Mulligan’s Steakhouse, the best damn steakhouse in the damn state.”

“I have taken a picture of every steak I have ever eaten there.”

(Ron pulls out the photo album)

“June 2004: Porterhouse, medium rare, béarnaise sauce.”

“January 2000: They call this one The Enforcer.”

“February 1996: The steak — a ribeye, the whiskey — Lagavulin 16. The lady next to me – a bitch, specifically my ex-wife Tammy.”

“Okay, this is… This is the first time I ever went there. (chuckles) Look at me. I’m just a kid.”