More on Tammy 2

Ep. 08: Ron & Tammy: More on Tammy 2

In this outake, Ron offers additional thoughts on his ex-wife Tammy 2:

Ron Swanson:

“Oh, it’s like Hannibal Lecter had sex with a car alarm and their offspring made a baby with the ghost of Saddam Hussein.”

“Tammy is a manipulative bitch by which all other manipulative bitches should be judged.”

“A genetically mutated demon from Hell who was sent to earth to castrate noble men.”

“Tammy doesn’t just destroy happiness wherever she finds it, she actively seeks it out and demolishes it.”

“If happiness were troubles, Tammy would be a gigantic repulsive hog.”

“Tammy’s vagina is like if you took the tractor beam from the Death Star and inserted it where Jabba the Hut’s poo hole is.”

“So you spoke to Tammy. What’s it like to go skinny dipping in the Devil’s Nest.”

“She’s here isn’t she. Evil is the only thing I can still smell.”